Spring 2018 Average House GPA: 3.2832


    The members of FarmHouse Fraternity at the University of Illinois take pride in their academics.  FarmHouse is consistently ranked in the top 15 among 50 fraternities each semester for GPA. This past Spring 2018 semester, FarmHouse achieved a GPA of 3.2832 placing us 6th among all Greek Fraternities on campus.




    When FarmHouse was founded in 1905, our founding fathers deemed scholarship an intricate part of the Fraternity.  Therefore, scholastic achievement has always been a pillar of success for the Fraternity, and the Illinois Chapter is no exception.  At the Illinois Chapter, scholarship initiatives are not only encouraged, but also expected from the members.


    FarmHouse members’ grade point averages have consistently ranked in the top ten of over fifty fraternities at the University of Illinois.  In addition to that success, the grade point average of the pledge class is consistently ranked in the top five out of all fraternity pledge classes on campus.  As a member of FarmHouse, you will be among the most academically successful students, and those students are always willing to share their experience and expertise to alleviate any scholastic complication that you may encounter.  This commitment to our members has garnered many awards for our Chapter’s scholarship program among all fraternities on campus.  At FarmHouse, we understand the importance of a quality education, and we hope to provide avenues that aid your future academic success.


    FarmHouse’s commitment to scholarship goes well beyond our chapter members.  Our Alumni Association continually provides programs and improvements in order to aid our determination for scholarship excellence.


    Through the alumni funding, we are able to offer our members up-to-date computer facilities, resume workshops, etiquette dinners, and adequate study areas, including rooms with quiet hours all day.  This extensive commitment from alumni is seldom found in today’s fraternities; the Illinois Chapter of FarmHouse has dedicated alumni who continue to believe in the academic program they helped establish when they were active members of FarmHouse.