Recruitment Information

  • FarmHouse Fraternity was founded at the University of Illinois Campus in 1914.  In our 103 year history, FarmHouse's name has become synonomyous with leadership and excellence.  To continue our great tradition of excellence we are continuously in the process of recruiting our next pledge class.  We believe that you have the talent and leadership abilities to make you a successful FarmHouse Man.

    At rush, you will be given the chance to learn more about FarmHouse as well as talk/discuss about college life at the U of I.  As a high school senior/college student, we know that you are extremely busy with sports/extracurricular activities, but we hope you can join us at one of our rushes held throughout the semester.


    We encourage you to contact or visit us.  If you haven't already done so, please take a moment and submit your contact information to us.






    Upcoming Rush Dates


    December 2nd, 2017



    If you are interested in attending rush or visiting the house please contact our Vice-President of Recruitment at or






  • FarmHouse Member Distribution


    The majority of our members are from Illinois, as shown on the map below. We also have some members from other states that are not shown on the map. Those members are: Michael Gill- New Jersey, and Peter Schumacher- California.