Recruitment FAQ

  • Q:  

    Why join a fraternity?

    A:   Fraternities commonly receive a negative view based on movies such as "Animal House." However, being a member of a fraternity has many benefits other than the social aspects that most people associate fraternities with. Fraternities provide there members with many resources that encourage leadership, brotherhood, good academics, and community service. dditionally, the friendships that you develop during your time as a fraternity member commonly last well beyond college. These connections can help you in your career and more. Tens of thousands of current members and alumni of fraternities across the country would agree that their decision to join a fraternity was one of there best decisions.
    Q:   Is FarmHouse certified housing?
    A:   Yes. FarmHouse is considered certified housing by the University of Illinois. This means that freshman may choose to live at FarmHouse compared to the dorms during their first year of college. During the pledging process all new members are required to live in house. We find this set up allows the chapter to get to know the new members better and vice versa and creates a stronger bond of brotherhood.
    Q:   I want to succeed academically. Will being a member of FarmHouse help or hinder my efforts?
    A:   Getting good grades in college can be tough. It takes hard work, commitment, and knowing the right resources. FarmHouse members take pride in being able to balance academics with social opportunities. We consistently rank in the top ten out of 50 fraternities at the U of I in house GPA. In the Fall 2012 semester we actually had the 2nd highest GPA among all fraternities on campus.  To assist you, the house also provides free copying and printing with our computer lab, study files, and a house tutor. Furthermore, if you are struggling academically, the men you will be living with will be in or have taken the same classes as you and are always willing to extend a helping hand. And if you are still having trouble, we will help you to find a tutor and FarmHouse will help in paying the bill based on your final grades.
    Q:   Does FarmHouse do any community service?
    A:   The Men of FarmHouse believe that it is extremely important for us to give back to the community that we live in. We do this be participating in many community service events throughout the year. Some of the activities we currently do are organize a large bags tournament called Bags 4 Babes that benefits the Children's Crisis Nursery, help out at Allerton Park's state 4-H camp, volunteer at the Urbana Sweetcorn Festival, and maintain a stretch of highway as part of Adopt-A-Highway. Additionally, many of our members are also members of other service organizations.
    Q:   What kind of leadership opportunities are available?
    A:   When you become a member of FarmHouse, you instantly become a leader. FH is built on the principle of being a Builder of Men, and leadership is a critical component of this principle. We manage all the affairs of our house from finances and upkeep to social events, which gives everyone who desires a chance at hands-on leadership. Furthermore, there are many opportunities to serve on committees or as an officer on the executive board. We also encourage our members to explore leadership opportunities outside of FarmHouse. As a result, the Men of FarmHouse are very involved in organizations on campus, in Greek Life, and the community.
    Q:   What about Hazing?
    A:   The Illinois Chapter of FarmHouse Fraternity absolutely does not allow hazing in any form. It is against our International Fraternity and chapter policies, and we simply do not allow it to go on. In fact, we have a saying in FarmHouse, "you can't build men by tearing down boys."
    Q:   How much does it cost to live at FarmHouse?
    A:   It currently costs $4250/semester to live at FarmHouse. Compared to many other living options such as the dorms and private certified housing, we are on average at least $4000 cheaper a year.  For example, in the 2013-2014 academic year, it will cost students around $12,000 just to live in the dorms here with the basic meal plan. In addition, your housing will include many other amenities that the dorms cannot offer such as free laundry, copying, and social events. Additionally, the Illinois Chapter of FarmHouse gives out over $7,000 a year to just our members for such things as academic achievement, leadership, and financial need. 
    Q:   I'm interested in FarmHouse. What should I do?
    A:   Please submit your contact information to our VP of Recruitment and they will contact you asap. They will get you more information about FarmHouse and let you know about any upcoming Rush events that FH has scheduled. FarmHouse recruits young men from the time they are seniors in high school to men who are already on campus. To join, we ask that you come visit us at one of our Rush weekends. We will then choose to offer you a bid to live there. From there, it is your decision whether you would like to join our Fraternity.  If you cannot make a scheduled rush please contact one of our VPs of recruitment and they will be happy to set up a time for you to see the house outside of Rush events.
    Q:   What is "Rush"?
    A:   Rush weekends are opportunities for potential members to visit FarmHouse, have questions answered, tour the house, get to know the men living in the house. Rush weekends are held at least 3-4 times per year and allow potential members to spend the weekend at FarmHouse. The weekend usually consists of a catered dinner at the house with the Men of FarmHouse followed by a social activity such as broomball, paintballing, bowling, etc.
    Q:   What if I can't make it to a scheduled Rush weekend?
    A:   Contact the VP of Recruitment or any member of the house and we will be happy to set up a better weekend for you to visit FarmHouse. Visits by potential members are by no means limited to rush weekends.
    Q:   Is FarmHouse Greek?
    A:   Yes! FarmHouse is nationally recognized member of the Greek Fraternity and Sorority system. FarmHouse participates in many activities that are part of the Greek system at the University of Illinois.