Philanthropy & Service

  • Philanthropy and Service


    Every FarmHouse man has spoken of a “commitment of service to his fellowmen and to the world,” and the Illinois Chapter lives up to that statement through our involvement in philanthropic projects.  Each year, members of FarmHouse participate in Greek sponsored philanthropies that include, paintball competitions, dodgeball tournaments, water games, and basketball tournaments just to name a few.  These events allow our members to get know other members of the Greek system, to participate in friendly competition, and to help all varieties of charities and organizations.


    Our community involvement in volunteerism is just as reputable as our campus involvement.  In the past, we have set up a petting zoo for the local retirement home, organized a blood drive with the Red Cross, and volunteered at the Urbana Sweet Corn Festival.  This community involvement has continually made FarmHouse a revered community organization and that long-standing reputation is part of the honor our members feel with their association to the Fraternity.


  • Blood Drive


    On May 5th 2014, FarmHouse teamed up with 4-H House Cooperative Sorority to host a blood drive. In total over 30 members of FarmHouse and 4-H house gave up a portion of their day to give blood. For each person that gave blood, up to three people's lives could be saved. 



  • Urbana Sweet Corn Festival


    At the beginning of each school year, the Men of FarmHouse have the privilege of participating in the Annual Urbana Sweet Corn Festival. It has become a tradition for the new pledge class along with several other members to volunteer during one of the evenings of the festival.   Since many of the participants are freshman at the University of Illinois, this is there first exposure to the neighborhood. It also provides an opportunity for the new pledge class and chapter members to meet and interact with one another.  Members of FarmHouse are able to get involved in all parts of the sweet corn sales from shucking to boiling to buttering to serving. Even though preparing and serving sweet corn requires a lot of work, everyone has lots of fun and enjoys themselves at the festival.  Each year, the organizers complement our group on being one of the biggest and best groups that helps them out.  It is almost certain that FarmHouse will actively participate in the festival for years to come.


  • Toys For Tots 

     This fall the men of FarmHouse and the ladies of Sigma Alpha put on a chili dinner to raise money for Toys For Tots. Started by the United States Marine Corps Reserve in 1947, the purpose of the program is to collect toys for children whose parents cannot afford them. 




  • Other Philanthropy and Service Opportunities


    The "S" in FarmHouse stands for Service.  As a result, FarmHouse members make it a priority to be involved in community service and philanthropy opportunities.  We believe that it is important to give back to the community we live in.  The Men of FarmHouse are all involved in a wide variety of community service opportunities.  FarmHouse organizes blood drives, does roadside clean-ups as part of Adopt-A-Highway, and volunteers at Allerton Park, just to name a few.  Furthermore, members also participate in many of the fraternity and sorority philanthropies that are hosted each semester.  These philanthropies are a lot of fun for everyone and each one supports a good cause.


  • FarmHouse International Official Philanthropy: Leukemia-Lymphoma Society


    lls logo       

    The International Fraternity adopted the Leukemia-Lymphoma Society as its official philanthropy at Conclave 2008 at the request of then undergraduate brother, John Romine (PU ’08), who, at the time was undergoing treatments for Hodgkins’ Lymphoma.  Romine passed away from the disease in December 2008.

    Since then, FarmHouse International and its chapters recently teamed up with the Leukemia-Lymphoma Society as a partner organization in its new campaign initiative, “Totally Baldacious.”  Many of the FarmHouse chapters have taken up the challenge and to this date they have raised over $23,000 for the cause.  

    FarmHouse International plans to continue to broaden its involvement and support of the Leukemia-Lymphoma Society in the future.  More information about the LLS’s mission is available online at


    FarmHouse Fraternity, Illinois Chapter Philanthropy: Crisis Nursery


    crisis nursery logo  

    The Illinois Chapter of FarmHouse Fraternity adopted the Crisis Nursery as one of its main philanthropy donations.  Each year, FarmHouse hosts its Bags 4 Babes bags tournament to support the Crisis Nursery with all proceeds going towards it.  Furthermore, many members also take time to volunteer there during the school year.  For more information visit