• Transition to College


    The transition to college is a life changing decision that not only affects the student but also the parents. The parents of the Men of FarmHouse realize that the Fraternity has helped make the college transition easier and provides a great environment for success at the University of Illinois. Here is what a few of them had to say...

    "My son is a sophomore at the U of I. Sending him to a large university was very scary for my husband and I. We worried and wondered if he would be ok. Thank goodness for the Men of FarmHouse. They helped our freshmen boy find his comfort zone very early in his first semester. They took care of him and guided him to leadership opportunities. They demanded high expectations for his GPA, responsibilities and brotherhood. I would recommend the FH experience to any parent who wants to ensure an excellent academic, leadership, and social experience for their child. FarmHouse is truly a builder of men."

    "FarmHouse has given my son a family away from home. I appreciate the brotherhood and commitment among the guys. I also think the responsibilities and duties of FarmHouse are great life lessons."

    "My son has enjoyed the brotherhood he has found at the U of I FarmHouse. He is surrounded by a wonderful group of friends that share his interests and values. As a family, we have had an opportunity to share in his experiences through the FarmHouse events."

    "My son has always made friends easily, but was never one to ask others to go do things. I think being at FarmHouse has helped him become involved in campus organizations and events that he might have otherwise missed out on. I also think that the help the upper classmen have offered with academics has been an asset. Knowing a little more of what to expect out of a class or professor has helped with planning a schedule. FarmHouse has really helped with university life."

    "The house was especially helpful when you were trying to register for classes as you had someone in Engineering at FH that you could call to ask about classes you should take. It was also very helpful when you were looking for a computer as you could talk to an Engineering student who could tell you what hardware and software you needed. It was also very helpful after you started school as you had readily accessible people that you could ask questions when you needed help understanding something in a class. There were also people who could tell you what student organizations were available and let you know when the meetings were. I think the real benefits of living in a house come from the people you live with in the house who want to see you succeed at the U of I and are willing to help you make it. They're willing to take the time to help you with whatever you need."