Moral & Spiritual Development

  • FarmHouse strives to be a “Builder of Men” We understand that a critical part of building a man is the development of morality and spirituality.


    The men of FarmHouse come from a variety of spiritual backgrounds and all are accepted as equals.  Members are encouraged to attend church with their brothers and to become involved in campus fellowship.  Several members now are very involved in Campus Crusade for Christ and Greek Intervarsity—organizations that unite Christians on campus.


    A weekly house Bible Study is also offered to members, and is led by the house Chaplain.  The Bible Study gives members the chance to share thoughts and ideas, and to grow stronger in their faith together.


    FarmHouse is proud of the ideals upon which it was founded and continues to honor those ideals.  The men of FarmHouse work to improve themselves in all aspects of their lives.  Because of this, FarmHouse offers opportunities for spiritual and moral growth so that its members may truly become “whole men.”