Mom's Association

    FarmHouse Fraternity Mom’s Association
    University of Illinois
    Reading Day - December 10th, 2016

    Dear Farmhouse Moms:


         It is hard to believe that the first semester at U of I is quickly coming to an end.  Once again this year, we will get the opportunity to provide a meal for the FarmHouse boys on Reading Day, as they prepare for their finals.  

         Please sign up to bring food for the upcoming Reading Day on Saturday, December 10, 2016.  We will provide a brunch meal that day and would love to see the menu filled with your son's favorite dishes.  Please remember to cook enough to accommodate many, as the Men of FarmHouse love leftovers!  Also, it would be helpful if you brought your dish in disposable containers to help store the leftovers.

             We will have some extension cord and power strips in our “FH Moms' Box”.  If you have any disposable plastic serving ware to share, please bring them!

         We will be serving a brunch meal from 11-1.  Please try to come early to set up around 10:00 a.m.  It helps to have several moms serve and cleanup after the meal.   

         We will have our Mom’s Association meeting after the meal cleanup so please plan to be present for the meeting.  It is a great opportunity to get to know everyone!


    To sign up for your food item:

    1. Go to the Farmhouse website
    2. Click on the Parent’s Tab on the upper right.
    3. To access the spreadsheet, click on the Moms Association under the parent's tab. Then tap Click Here.
    4. Once the spreadsheet in open, just enter your name and the dish that you are going to bring.  You are welcome to add additional rows if needed taking care not to delete other entries 

              Also, for those of you who do not know the FarmHouse cook, Jenny, she lost her husband last yaer to cancer.  It has been a challenge for her, as she has three small children.  On Reading Day, there will be a Christmas stocking in the kitchen for Jenny and her children.  If you are interested, you could add cash or a gift card for them.  I am sure that they would appreciate anything, but we have a County Market, Ace, Monicals, and Caseys' in town, and obviously, she is in Champaign each day, so a gift card from any store there would be appreciated. Again, this is strictly voluntary.   If you have any questions, please feel free to email Cherrilyn or me.


    Thanks so much!



    Sharon Pool


    Joanne Bennett


    Cherrilyn Mayfield



    The Men of FarmHouse would like to thank the Moms Association for the gift of new living room furniture! Every year our moms work together to raise money and purchase new items for the chapter house to continue to make FarmHouse a true "home away from home" for all of the current members. This year the Moms Association teamed up with the Alumni Association to purchase new living room furniture, update our washer and dryer, vacuum cleaner, and replace all the windows and blinds in the house. We would like to send a sincere thank you to all of our moms who have helped to make FarmHouse not just a house, but a home.


    - Current University of Illinois FarmHouse Men





    FarmHouse Mom's Association, consisting of all FarmHouse member's moms, hold several activities throughout the year to raise money to purchase "the extras" that make life a little easier away from home while at college. The Mom's Assocation hosts an annual auction to raise funds for items such as weight lifting equipment, printers, computers, couches, and other items that the house budget might not neccessarily cover.

    The association also supports FarmHouse during finals week Reading Day. Moms spend the day at the house cooking all kinds of food and snacks for the men while they are studying for their finals.

    My son has enjoyed living in FarmHouse for the past four years.  He
    considers living in the House the single best decision he has made during
    his college career except of course choosing to attend the University of
    IL.  He has made many friends and has grown as a person.  He always has
    someone to study or hang out with.  He is genuinely excited to go back to
    school each semester.  As a parent, I worried about the transition from
    high school to college.  However, the support he received from House
    members helped make his adjustment much easier. It is a relief to know
    that  my son is happy and confident in his decision to become a member of

    -Lynn Hasselbring; FarmHouse Moms Assocation President