Master Builders

  • What is the Master Builder of Men Award?


    In 1950, the Master Builder of Men Award was created by the National Executive Board as the highest honor that FarmHouse can bestow upon one of its alumni members. Neither position, wealth, nor occupation enter into consideration for the award but simply what he has done to help others.



    Illinois Master Builders


    ACKERMAN, Joseph (IL 1926)
    Managing director of Farm Foundation; National President of the Fraternity; Chairman of Foundation Trustees (deceased). Award bestowed 1954.

    KEEFER, Bob (IL 1951)
    President of Keefer Farms, Inc.; Foundation Trustee; generous contributor to endowment and scholarship programs with Foundation and avid supporter of young chapters (deceased). Award bestowed 2000.

    MIDDLETON, G.E. (IL 1919)
    Director of public relations, Producers Marketing Association; National President of the Fraternity (deceased). Award bestowed 1964.

    MUMFORD, Dwight C. (IL 1920)
    Professor of agricultural economics at Oregon State University; founder of Oregon State Chapter (deceased). Award bestowed 1970.

    PILCHARD, Edwin I. (IL)
    Associate Professor at University of Illinois; former National Secretary-Treasurer of FarmHouse (deceased). Award bestowed 1956.

    SCHEIDENHELM, Elmer C. (IL 1923)
    Dairy specialist at University of Kentucky; National President of the Fraternity (deceased). Award bestowed 1958.


    SIMS, Doug (IL 1965)
    State coordinator, Illinois Farm Business Farm Management Assoc., University of Illinois; licensed appraiser & real estate broker; FarmHouse International Board of Directors, 1998-2006; president, 2000-06; centennial committee chair, 2005; Illinois association board member, 1984-2000; treasurer, 1990-97; president, 1997-99; foundation council chair, 2006-present. Award bestowed 2008.

    SIMS, Fay (IL 1938)
    Professor of Farm Management Extension in Agriculture Economics at University of Illinois; Foundation Trustee; long-time leader and advisor with Illinois Chapter/Association (deceased). Award bestowed 1984.

    STEELE, Harold (IL 1941)
    Chairman and CEO of Farm Credit Administration in Washington, D.C.; previously served as president and CEO of Illinois Farm Bureau; past Foundation Trustee (retired). Award bestowed 2004.

    WELDON, Clarence W. (IL 1921)
    Vice President of First National Bank of Chicago; served on National Board; former Foundation Trustee (deceased). Award bestowed 1966.

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